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The Rest of the Story

Monday, September 22nd at 7 pm


What is the most handsome man in America doing with Brookville’s most renowned female citizen?


You are invited to find out as the account of John Wilkes Booth and Kate M. Scott is dramatized at the Mengle Memorial Library in Brockway.  This program is sponsored by the Mengle Memorial Library, the Brockway Historical Society, the Brockway Depot and presented by the Jefferson County Historical Society.


This extraordinary tale is written by historians Ray Neff and Leonard Guttridge who claim that Kate Scott had a daughter to John Wilkes Booth in December 1865.  This is further substantiated by Randy Bartlett in Remembering Jefferson County as he illuminates the story through Scott’s own words. These revelations in the play are better than O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln because it connects us in rural Pennsylvania to the big picture. It uncovers new evidence about the aftermath of the assassination.



Within Your Reach

1st Monday at 1 pm – Demonstrations on Assistive Technology Devices

2nd Monday at 1 pm – Assistance with Applications


 LIFT (Life for Independence for Today) is helping area residents with disabilities and impairments learn about assistive technology devices.


If you or someone you know could benefit from assistive technology or would like to learn more about the program and other services LIFT (Life and Independence for Today) can provide, this is your opportunity to find out what is actually “Within Your Reach.”





Mengle Memorial Library is a participating site for the Statewide Access card.

The Mengle Memorial Library serves as the headquarters for the Jefferson County Library System.